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Sadiq Hussain - janum fida e haideri

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Stream or Download: Here we are presenting Our new Sufiyana Kalam:-Jaanam Fida-e-Haidari Singer:Sadiq Hussain (Jaanam Fida-e-Haideri kalam) Lyrics: Saleem Abbas(Jaanam Fida-e-Haideri kalam) Composition: Asrar Shah (Jaanam Fida-e-Haideri kalam) Music: Majid Raza & Asrar Shah (Jaanam Fida-e-Haideri kalam) Guitars: Musa Raza Bass Guitars:Waleed Attique Editor Director: Wali Shaikh D.O.P: Kamran Ehsaan Wardrobe:Raqeem Malik Special Thanks to the man without his untired help and association it was not possible to be released...My brother and My Friend: Dr. Zakir Hussain...I also debt to Asrar Shah and majid raza shb for his love and other contributors on every step of this Kalam's completion...Hope You people enjoy the Jaanam Fida-e-Haideri kalam.. Get Connected with Sadiq Hussain on 👇🏻 Facebook:- Twitter:- SoundCloud:- Instagram:- Youtube:-

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